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Unlike conventional winches that have limited working space and static rope lengths, the CSW-SERIES sets itself apart as a capstan-type portable electric winch, delivering unmatched efficiency and adaptability. Its unique design allows it to excel under any working conditions, be it vertical or horizontal, addressing your pain of restricted range and short service life.

Say goodbye to cable fatigue and limited lengths, as the Pulley-Man CSW-3060 or CSW-3030 empowers you to perform the functions of a hoist, winch, and chain block with ease. This heavy-duty portable winch features a lightweight handheld design, incredible pulling capacity, and adaptable power options, making lifting and dragging tasks a breeze without mains power.

Experience the freedom and reliability this portable winch brings to your endeavours as it revolutionises the way you work, making previously daunting tasks feel effortless.

Unleash Limitless Power

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The Perfect All-Purpose Rope Winch


300kg Single-line or 600kg Double-line system available


Compact and light (3.5kg)


Powered by optional forward/reversible 240V electric or battery drill
Pulley-Man Australia
End Stopper
Wire-Rope Reel
Wire Rope
Gear Box
Press Roller Casing
Main Frames
Optional 240v Drive Motor

Patented Gear-Reducer

Trouble-free automatic holding-brake function


Speed is subject to drill speeds


Standard supplied with 12000mm (can be varied) of aircraft galvanised steel rope @4.76mm
Puley-Man Australia

Frequently Asked Questions


What powers the winch?

Any good quality power-operated drill can be used, but we recommend using a battery-operated drill as a good option for safety. This portable hand winch can also be powered using a fully remote 240v combination, which we can provide upon request.


Are there different wire ropes available?

Yes, on top of the standard supplied rope, there are also stainless steel and galvanised steel options. We can also provide additional 20m lengths on top of the standard rope lengths.


Can I lift loads heavier than 300kg?

If you’re looking to lift more than 300kg, the Pulley-Man portable winch can help you achieve just that. We have a double-line option available for purchase that enables the load weight to increase from a single-line vertical 300kg lift up to a double-line vertical 600kg lift.


How does the Pulley-Man winch stop free-falling?

The Pulley-Man winch comes equipped with a built-in Automatic Braking System. This system allows for complete and safe protection against reverse rotation when powering the device, keeping you and your equipment safe.

What makes the Pulley-Man winch design different?

The Pulley-Man winch was designed to be versatile. This portable winch can perform as a Tirfor winch, an endless chain block, a come-along chain block, or almost any other lifting device with a lifting capacity of up to 600kg. The Pulley-Man winch can easily operate regardless of vertical, horizontal, or angled direction as long as the safety requirements are strictly followed and adhered to.